Matcha Green Tea antioxidant source with powerful EGCg

Boosts metabolism, burns calories, chlorophyll rich with fiber and vitamins, Calms mind and relaxes body, Enhances mood and concentration!
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High in Antioxidants

Studies have proven that drinking Matcha green tea is associated with numerous health benefits, one of which is its antioxidising qualities…

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Ultimate Fat Burner

If you are on a mission to loose few pounds before summer, you should seriously consider adding Matcha tea to your diet…

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Anti-aging Benefits

Contains free radicals fighting compounds that help to slow down the ageing process by eliminating the skin damage…

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What is Matcha Tea ?

High quality finely-pulverized green tea originating in Japan

While other green tea leaves are grown throughout the world, matcha tea production is unique to Japan. Before the harvest, the shade grown leaves are covered to protect them from direct sunlight which slows down the growth and the leaves change colour to black…

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How to use Matcha tea ?
Prepare authentic Matcha tea at home

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So, we guess that if you're reading this blog entry now, you are an avid gardener yourself, right? Which in turn means that as we're talking about the ways to compost your garden, the more you should be listening.

Lose Your Lawn (or part of it)

As unconventional as it may sound to some of the hobbyist gardeners, your lawn just takes too many resources in, including your water, your time and your energy. A lot of water and fertilizers are needed to keep...

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