Matcha Health Benefits

You have probably already heard about the Matcha health benefits and why is Matcha referred to as the healthiest natural drink available. To summarise all of what was said in the previous posts, here are the top facts about Matcha health benefits:

  • Matcha Tea reduces the risk of developing cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells without harming healthy cells
  • Reduces the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in your body
  • Increases metabolism which helps your body to burn calories much faster
  • Improves your immune system and helps to fight viruses
  • Antioxidants in Matcha tea help to fight against free radicals
  • Caffeine in Matcha tea reduces fatigue and helps with concentration
  • Helps to prevent cardio vascular diseases
  • Matcha tea and green tea in general are known for their antibacterial antiviral qualities
  • The most present catechin in Matcha Tea – EGCG – is twice as powerful as reservatol which helps to lower the chance of heart disease
  • Matcha tea and green tea can even help to prevent tooth decay
  • There is a variety of beauty products which contains green tea extracts that claim to have great qualities for
  • beauty and wellness

Pregnant women and those taking prescribed medicine are advised to consult with doctor before consuming the tea because some of the components of green tea might have reactions with other compounds found in medicine.