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Matcha green tea
Matcha tea belongs to a big family of green teas. There are many different types of green tea which differ in cultivation method, country of origin, preparation or post-processing. Green tea is often referred to as Japanese tea even though it was first known in China and later brought to Japan. The quality of the tea usually depends on the type of cultivation method.


Matcha tea and other green teas

Here is a short introduction about the different types of green tea, including Matcha tea.

Hoji-cha (also known as roasted tea) is tea which is roasted over high temperature in a porcelain pot over charcoal.  During roasting, Hoji-cha releases a very distinct smell and because of the high temperature the leaves turn dark brown. Preparation of Hoji-cha is crucial to keep the aroma even after brewing. Hoji-cha tea has light to reddish-brown colour and is less bitter because of the loss of catechins during roasting.

Gyokuro– tea leaves for Gyokuro tea are cultivated from trees grown under shade for around 20 days and due to this preparation method, Gyokuro is more expensive than other types of tea. With high amino acid levels, Gyokuro’s rich taste and lesser tannin makes it taste more refined and a bit milder. It also has a distinct aroma.

Sencha (decocted tea) has a name derived from the way it is drunk – the tea is made from dried tea leaves. Sencha is the most common green tea in Japan. The tea plants are not covered to accumulate an increased levels of caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and tannin. Leaves of Sencha are beautifully thin shaped and have a glowing shade of green. Sencha has a distinct yellow colour with a refreshing aroma and a slight taste of bitterness and sweetness joining in harmony.

Konacha (also known as powdered tea) is considered as the most delicious and delicate green tea and is made out of dust and smallest parts of Gyokuro or Sencha left after their processing. It is usually cheaper than other types of tea and is very popular in Sushi restaurants. Konacha has a strong flavour and is therefore widely used in cooking.


Matcha tea production

Matcha tea comes from Gyokuro shaded grown tea leaves which are then dried. Deep green and foamy thick appearance would let you think how bitter it would taste, but that is not the case because Matcha tea has subtle bitterness and mellow sweetness. Matcha’s flavour is much deeper than other types of tea because it is stone-ground into a powder which contains all vitamins and nutrition from the whole tea plant. Matcha tea is your ultimate healthy drink.


Cafe Grade Gotcha Matcha 80g

Cafe Grade Gotcha Matcha 80g

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The rich taste of powdered green tea for smoothies, lattes, pastries and savory recipes. Gotcha Matcha contains 100% green tea from Japan. No sugar, additives or preservatives.
Sugar Destroyer – Matcha & Gymnema Sylvestre 30g

Sugar Destroyer - Matcha & Gymnema Sylvestre  30g

price: $31.00
Matcha tea blended with Gymnema Sylvestre, an herb known as the Sugar Destroyer. Gymnema inhibits the absorption of sugar in the intestine and also blocks the taste of sugar on the palate.
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